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Personal Stories

"Living with The Wolf"

Elizabeth Savage

The butterfly is the symbol for lupus because many sufferers get a butterfly shaped rash.

When people ask me what is lupu. I have a hard time answering the question. it's so complicated, I guess basically it's sort of like being illness to yourself . most people can identify with childhood fear, an evil monster. I speak inner on a daily basis and my desire to find a cure for lupus.

When I was first diagnosed, no one ever knew what lupus meant . I started of things like rash on my face and edema online both feet. I was diagnosed at at the age of, last year month of July . living with Lupus has been difficult to deal with. there are some days I feel I am on top of the world, than other days I am depressed and don't want to the bothered . when I first diagnosed with Lupus , I thought it was the end of the world, knew my life wouldn't be the same anymore everything will change. I'm still young to have this kind of illness . I began taking steroids and chemotherapy (cylophospharnide) wait going up and down, I was getting fat all around losing self-esteem, pride " you know what I meant?"

And at the age of 2. my kidney was also affected, " I remember this" oh well what to get my first kidney biopsy , this was earth shattering my mind could not grasp . I remember so hard that I thought my head would burst . now Sad to say sense my kidney is affected I'm undergoing a dialysis twice a week.

I know the road was going to be rough, bad times I was going to have. somehow I just knew, it was going to be all right.

Through all of this I receive a message, "God was through with me" my faith has sustained me . "God has blessed me in many ways I can't begin to explain " I know that even with the pain ,I am alive, even the weakness I am alive. by the grace of God "he has given me the most wonderful gift" of all "life" and I cherish each day . I seek God's miracles everyday. Ther. There is evidence. beautiful sky , I know God has a purpose for me." Jesus Lifted me up. "

I'm Very blessed that I have loving family, friends and relatives who's always there to support me, for loving and taking good care of me all the time . most specifically my mother who's always there to comfort me, always there to be by my side, she is my strength in times of my weakness, she never lets melets, she is always there when I fall down and lifted me up .thank you so much for everything. I love you all.