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#TalkToMeAboutLupusTrials with Al Roy

  • There has been one new treatment approved for lupus during the last 60 years. To move the needle, it is critical that people living with lupus be active in their treatment and participate in research.
  • More than ever, researchers and the FDA are looking for patient input on drug development – from identifying priorities, to bringing new treatments to market. To get involved, visit
  • Any time is a good time for a lupus patient to consider a clinical trial. New scientific breakthroughs are allowing doctors and researchers to take a more tailored approach to treating individuals’ lupus symptoms. Expect to see more of this precision medicine approach moving forward. Read More.

Be Part of the Lupus Registry-Help Find the Cause and Cure

You can make a significant contribution to finding the cause and cure for lupus by participating in the Lupus Family Registry and Depository. It's really quite simple.

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There are many special ways to be a part of the Lupus Foundation. All of our volunteers are special and needed. If you would like to help, call 858-278-2788 or e-mail today.

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As a nonprofit organization, one of the most difficult challenges we face every day is getting our message of hope out to those who need it most.

Without the support of people like you that job would be even more tasking. For more information on giving, please call (858) 278-2788 or you may donate by clicking on the donate online button above.